Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is Criticizing The Church of Scientology "Hate"?

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Let's not talk about Scientology for a second and give you some parallels.

Let's say we are talking about Roman Catholic Church. As you know they have been under some heat regarding child molestation charges. I think it is wrong that the Church covered up these crimes, sent offending priests to other churches across the country, and paid hush money to the victims. It's Wrong for the priests who did it and wrong for the church to have covered it up. I think anyone would agree with me, including Catholics. When you bring this up to catholics they tend to agree and know that you are not talking about Their beliefs or their religion, they know you are talking about bad people in the group. 

So why is it when I say that I disagree with Scientology's Gold Base holding people against their will and forcing them to do manual labor with little sleep and almost no pay do I get called a bigot? It's not bigotry to oppose human right violations just because it involves a church. 

I don't hate Scientologists by any means. I will say I have a lot of disrespect and anger for upper management who are hurting people intentionally, but I can't say I hate them. Most of the Scientologists I have met in person are really nice, hard working, smart people. There is not a doubt in my mind that the vast majority of them are really bright people. 

Also take for example people who are in the Free Zone, a Scientology group which is separate from the Church of Scientology  and practice Scientology tech outside the church are very nice to me is well including while I am at pickets holding a sign. These people ARE Scientologists and agree that the Co$ is directly involved in human rights abuses and want it to stop. Clearly they are not bigots against Scientology, they practice Hubbard Tech too. 

When I am out on the street talking to people about Scientology at protests, they understand full well we aren't protesting their religious beliefs, they know that we are talking about management and human rights abuses. When Scientologists pass out fliers saying we are bigots, they can see the logical fallacy (poisoning the well) for what it is and see they are actively trying to hide their crimes by using faulty logic. 

So if opposing human rights abuses makes me a bigot, that I guess I am one; however I don't think that's what the dictionary says about bigotry. The proper term is "human rights activist" 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reported to the FBI...

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Just reported this to the FBI. It's Tom Newton posing as me making bomb and death threats. Will be calling my local law enforcement at but later when the office opens. 

Tom Newton is violating the law, ergo he's a criminal. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Little Ass-hurt Aren't We, Tom Newton?

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Apparently Tom Newton is ass-hurt BIG TIME because of me and my pointing out his repeated failures as an investigator as as a human being. He has posted more of what he thinks is my information on a new blog (because his old face fagging one got shut down due to cyber-stalking laws and Blogger's TOS.) 

Now he is impersonating me and making death threats to himself of various outlets. 

For the record. Since i have been on the internet back in 1996 I have NEVER made a death threat. Mostly because it's silly to be Mr. Internet Tough Guy. So if you see a post from it's not me. I have 1 Gmail account and it's 'machwon'. All the others links to domains I own.

If you are unsure weather someone is posting at me feel free to send me an e-mail or an instant message on AIM or Yahoo @ internetjimjesus

If you are law enforcement please e-mail me on your government e-mail address if you are investigating such matters; I am eager to help stop this criminal.

Old News But Still Relevant.

I will start blogging again with Richard Ford and The Beacon over at Anonymous Hat E-Group ( [get it?]) 

Check it out!

Friday, April 24, 2009

So to Correct Tom's Errors...

Just to clear up some things from

  • My name is not Matt Kyes.
  • I've never been to Canada, let alone live there. 
  • Not lying about my age, I just forgot to update it in December. I almost never see the front page of my blog so I never updated it. My MySpace says i'm 26 because it knows my birthdate and automatically updated it for me.
  • My birthday is December, not April.
  • I don't smoke pot, I smoke hookah tobacco called "shisha." I review hookahs and shishas for the website Hookah Giveaway and YouTube. You can go there and see videos of me smoking tobacco out of hookahs. Hookahs were developed in the 1600s in India due to concerns about health risks of tobacco. Today tobacco hookah smoking is one of the fastest growing activities amongst people 18-30. People do smoke marijuana out of hookahs, but not mine and not me. I'd be angry if someone tainted my hookah with weed. 
  • I am not a mechanic, I know shit about cars. 
  • I've never owned a Mustang, but I wish i did ;_;
  • I don't defend anyone stalking anyone, I just point out the sheer irony of him complaining about cyber-stalking while he engages in cyber-stalking himself. Which would make him a hypocrite. 
  • I have 2 sisters and no brothers. 
  • I don't know anyone named Jeff Hamilton or Alex Miller. 
  • I am an Rothbardian Anarcho-Captialist, not a liberal. 
  • I've never been known as "Pig-Wrestler" or "Mach1" (machwon, yes)
  • I love pizza, but you're doing it wrong. 
So where did all this information come from that is supposedly me? I used to own the domain name YEARS ago and ditched it. Later some mustang fan bought it up and is now suffering Tom's retarded P.I. work. He has even harassed the poor guy's sister and that's how he found out his birthday

enturbulationI just talked to your sister. She says your turning 31, but your blogs all say 25. Which is it?

Matt if you are reading this; I'm sorry you got dragged in this. Feel free to press charges on this asshole if you must. Unless he has an active P.I. licence, he's breaking the law. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
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For those who came to my blog because you saw Tom Newton's post about me; welcome! There's plenty of good anti-Scientology and anti-cult information. Follow, read, enjoy. 

Today is not my birthday, but thank you anyways everyone! :D

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below or send an e-mail to the address to the right. 

I also have some other mediums if you would like to check those out

YouTube: (non-cult related channel)

Thanks for stopping by, and tell Tom thanks for the free publicity! 

I Get Dox'd.. kind of...


For those who have known me, you'll get a kick out of this.

Tom, you are an idiot. ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Sample Why You Should Question Everything on "Anonymous Hate Group" Blog

Tom Newton just twitted about his new footbullet blog post where he tries to prove that Anonymous stalks Scientologists (ignoring the fact he stalks Anonymous members himself.)

enturbulation Anonymous Stalking Kansas Scientologists:http://anonymous-is-a-hateg...
12 minutes ago from web


Right off the bat, he's showing he's a fucking moron. The Kansas City org is in Missouri, not Kansas. I know, I've been there on numerous occasions. it's in the really bad part of town. The first time I picketed there, we had crack dealers selling crack right behind us and we were afraid they were going to rob or hurt us. So much for cleaning up that sector of the Galaxy. Metro security has alleviated a lot of the ugliness of that area today but it's still bad and Scientology hasn't lifted a finger to help other than announce they were moving downtown. Anyways, take the fucking time to check your facts, everyone knows when you talk about Kansas City, you can't assume it's Kansas or Missouri, because it can be one or the other. Assuming makes an ass out of u and me; and Tom manages to only make himself look like an ass. 
he goes on: 

Anonymous member "MarlysFan" is divulging all the personal data he can about Scientology parishoners belonging to the Kansas City Org. This singling out of individuals is technically called "religious persecution":

Wow, Marlysfan? Anonymous? Since when? Funny her and I go way back... 3 years or so when we first picketed the Kansas City Org (in Missouri) long before Project Chanology and none of us were wearing mask. We've conducted numerous pickets, and never worn a mask. Her name is Lydia Fultz. She's made that public since day one of her activism. 

What a retard. Anyways, go ahead and find spelling errors in this page to fool yourself into thinking you are somehow smarter or better than me. Just know that if you would of just Googled 'marlysfan' you would have found all this out yourself

Some crack investigation you do over at Anonymous Hate Group Blog. Scoff.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tom Newton Twit

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This morning I got a notification on my G1 phone that, in fact, Tom Newton is now following me on twitter.

Tom Newton of alt.religion.scientology and Anonymous Hate Group Blog fame has given us another platform we can ignore it batshit lunacy and logical fallacies on. Tom Newton, for those who don't know, is like Barbra Shwartz but with a penis. Though he's not trying to fuck Marty Rathburn, I'm sure he'd love to get some sweet man love from David Miscavage or Tom Cruise. 

What disturbs me most about Tom is the amount of time and energy he spends attacking Anonymous and Scientology critics. He claims Anonymous are (depending on if he's got his butt-plug in) is either a group of terrorist bigots or a group of nerds with too much free time on their hands. Ironically he spends the vast majority of his time on the internet attacking anons and critics that would make any anonymous wonder how he can sit in front of the computer so long. He spends more time on the internet than he does holding soup cans. 

Even more ironically Tom Newton isn't even his real name, it's a synonym he uses to remain Anonymous. He's hiding because he doesn't want to be the next Mary DeMoss because even he knows he's fringe; even for Scientology trolls. This would make him -8.0 on the tone scale which is lower than what he accuses me of; 1.1 Covert Hostility.

Tom also called me a bigot which is absurd. I talk to many Free-Zone and protestantScientologists and some of whom I would call internet friends. The problem I have with Scientology is the fraud and abuse of the organization; NOT THE BELIEFS. It's why I oppose the Catholic Church for covering up child sexual abuse and not Catholicism itself. Scientologists CANNOT understand this because they will be out of step with the party line and could be declared PTS or even enemies of Scientology.   

Ohh well I hope he keeps it up, if there is anyone doing their part in keeping scientology failing it's Tom. Tom is giving people who read his blogs, posts and comments a bad and innaccurate view of what Scientologists are really like. Most Scientologists I've met aren't that stupid or insane. Most of them are good upstanding citizen under a very powerful form of mind control and covert-hypnosis which they are not to blame for.

Tom Newton is a sad case, I hope he snaps out of it soon. I know I talk a lot of shit Tom, but it's because I care. When you wake up, I'll be here to help. As will the critics and Anonymous. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

2008 The Internet Jim Jesus Shit Awards

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Thats right, The First Anual Shit Awards given to people, companies and groups that exceed the shittyness limit. Let's waste no time as I don't have a Billy Crystal to present mine.

Shittiest Company Award goes to:
Amway International

This was a no brainer! Just the fact alone that they are able to perpetuate the largest scam and get no criminal investigation is an accomplishment. The Republican Party was able to shield them from Clinton's investigation for 8 years, hopefully Obama won't be as nice. The odds of you turning a profit is almost statistically impossible. Congratulations. 

Shittiest Artist/Band/Musical Group:
Kottonmouth Kings

Again, this was also a no brainer. This group is teetering on the border of having negative talent. However they do have great talent when it comes to annoying the shit out of me with whole albums that talk absolutely nothing but marijuana and throw in "brilliant" lines like "liar liar pants on fire."

Shittiest Song:
Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Just stop playing this overly repetitive song with a lame hook and god awful beat. However I like staring at her ass in the music video on mute. 

Shittiest Cult:
The Church of Scientology International/ RTC

Clearly their action is what cause Anonymous' activism to take place by removing the Crazy Tom Cruise award video which urned into a public relations nightmare for the cult. Though the protests have shrunk in numbers the Church is suffering more and more. Of course their reaction to anonymous and all the programs they ran to try to stop Anonymous only made things worse for them in the eye of the public. Way to go dipshits, if you didn't try stopping Tom Cruise from looking like a lunatic, you'd of probably been at least muster up some new recruits, now no one wants to touch Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard books with a 10 foot pole. 

Smooth move, Exlax.

Shittiest Radio Host:
Michael Savage

You can talk about shitty radio without bringing up Michael Savage's exotic blend of bigotry, idiocy, racism and homophobia. Just the fact that he does so well in America as far as number of listeners makes me give up all hope for America. (Also I am not liberal, centrist or an Obama supporter, so before you comment calling me a socialist I think you should take the time to look into my political views and save yourself from looking like an ass.)

Worst Person of 2008:
Josef Fritzl

Who else would even come close? If you have been living under a rock for the last year, you'd know he's the Austrian asshole who imprisoned, abused, raped and had 4 insestual children who were also imprisoned except for one who dies of respiratory problems and was incinerated at the home. 

Probably one of the sickest fucks to ever walk on 2 legs. 

I also want to apologize for the lack of intellectual content recently mostly do to school interference. By the time i get out I don't want to do anything but sleep, so be glad you are getting something. :P

I have some projects in the works and will complete them at the end of the month when school is over and I get more free time.