Sunday, December 6, 2009


You know 9/11 Truth is pretty much phased out. Most of the smart ones left a while ago and most of the ones left are the really crazy ones. Though there are still some smart ones out there. I never understood the point in impeaching the government legitimacy with saying with scant evidence that most people will never accept even if it was true that shows the government is responsible for the deaths of 3,000 people. Especially when you have hard evidence and admition of the slaughtering of millions of people overseas based on a lie. Stefan Molyneux put it in an interesting slant. If you were the procecutor on a case with a murderer who has an overwhelming amount video and physical evidence evidence, DNA samples that match and a written confession would you argue that this man needs to be jailed because he was the gunman on the Grassy Knoll who killed JFK with all kinds of evidence that is too complex for the lay jury that is scant? No. So why do 9/11 Truthers do the same thing when they try to argue against expansive state power?

Or even better: Why would they do that knowing there are those around them who they share a similar agreement with who are bat shit insane that shits all over your argument before you have a chance to rationally explain it to someone who is now already unconvinced because of bad version of the argument?

A lot of the people who are most vocal for 9/11 Truth are the less rational ones. The people who think jews did it. The people tho think shape-shifting lizard people from space did it. Why bother?

Today I ran into the most interesting one of all, in Second Life. So I had some fun tinkering with his paranoia. I wonder if it's impersonating an officer if you flat out tell them your not a government agent, he refuses to believe you, then have fun while refusing to answer his repeated asking. Either way, this is how most of us view 9/11 Truthers. Enjoy.

-------------METANOMICS CHAT----------------


--------------Free State Project Chat--------------------

[1:38] Charity Stohr: noone wants to goto your stupid pubbie bullshit.
[1:39] LuciferSatan Genira: its a live set
[1:39] LuciferSatan Genira:
[1:39] Charity Stohr: noone cares.
[1:39] Charity Stohr: die in a fire
[1:39] LuciferSatan Genira: thats not true
[1:39] LuciferSatan Genira: theres a bunch of us activists here

-------------METANOMICS CHAT----------------

[1:39] Charity Stohr: can we ban this guy now?
[1:41] LuciferSatan Genira: shes a stalker of mine
[1:41] LuciferSatan Genira:
[1:42] Charity Stohr: i've been in the metanomics group for quite a while now, and we're sick of your spam

--------------Free State Project Chat--------------------

[1:40] Charity Stohr: 9/11 truthers are idiots, not activists
[1:42] LuciferSatan Genira: you are a stupid bitch
[1:43] Charity Stohr: lol, ok
[1:43] LuciferSatan Genira: do you know what the maximum speed of a boeng 747-200 is?
[1:43] Charity Stohr: someone who wastes his time investigating somethign that didn't happen with no possible ending that could suffice a chase for proof
[1:43] LuciferSatan Genira: 254 mph at 700 feet altitude
[1:44] LuciferSatan Genira: so says the leading engineer of the aircrafts engine
[1:44] Charity Stohr: if your argument the government is evil and kills lots of people, you don't need to bring up conspiracy theroies
[1:44] LuciferSatan Genira: do you know how fast the planes were actually traveling?
[1:45] LuciferSatan Genira: according to the federal emergency management association..
[1:45] Charity Stohr: every structual engeneer has stated on record a plane can bring down a building
[1:45] LuciferSatan Genira: the planes were traveling at 590 mph
[1:45] Charity Stohr: steel doesn't need to melt to loose structural integrety
[1:45] LuciferSatan Genira: that means they WERE NOT boening 747-200s
[1:45] Charity Stohr: they were boiengs
[1:46] LuciferSatan Genira: structural integrity no.. but to cause 2.5 seconds of absolute freefall...
[1:46] Charity Stohr: you're anaysys is unscientific, cherry picked, and often fabricated
[1:46] LuciferSatan Genira: Charity..
[1:46] Charity Stohr: even then
[1:46] LuciferSatan Genira: shut yor CRS nigger mouth up
[1:46] LuciferSatan Genira: before i have to put a cap in your god
[1:46] Charity Stohr: even if 9/11 was an inside job
[1:46] Charity Stohr: so what?
[1:46] Charity Stohr: we slaughter millions of people overseas and you are conserned about 3,00 americans
[1:46] Charity Stohr: that's bullshit
[1:47] Charity Stohr: a human is a human, peroid
[1:47] LuciferSatan Genira: the more jews the better
[1:47] LuciferSatan Genira: americans are the true race
[1:47] Charity Stohr: ohh so you are a zionist truther?
[1:47] LuciferSatan Genira: no..
[1:47] LuciferSatan Genira: i said..
[1:47] LuciferSatan Genira: the more jews that die.. the better
[1:48] LuciferSatan Genira: yes i care about americans..
[1:48] Charity Stohr: like i said
[1:48] Charity Stohr: you think jews did wtc?
[1:48] LuciferSatan Genira: i do not care about jews.. NOR palistinains
[1:48] LuciferSatan Genira: no the jews did communism
[1:49] Charity Stohr: then you are insane and a bigot
[1:49] Charity Stohr: your argument is invalid
[1:49] LuciferSatan Genira: how so?
[1:50] LuciferSatan Genira: when lord lucifer orders the aliens to wipe out your race.. we will be able to breath again
[1:51] LuciferSatan Genira: CRS
[1:51] LuciferSatan Genira: Congressional research service
[1:51] LuciferSatan Genira: i know your game
[1:51] LuciferSatan Genira: you might not be.
[1:51] LuciferSatan Genira: but your a fed
[1:51] LuciferSatan Genira: and that makes your argument invalid
[1:52] LuciferSatan Genira: COINTELL PRO kills
[1:52] Charity Stohr: i'm a fed?
[1:52] Charity Stohr: so many logical fallacies
[1:52] LuciferSatan Genira: thats what im saying
[1:52] Charity Stohr: it hurts
[1:52] LuciferSatan Genira: huh?
[1:52] Charity Stohr: im not a fed (false assumption)
[1:52] LuciferSatan Genira: you suck at this
[1:52] LuciferSatan Genira: im from england
[1:52] Charity Stohr: if i was a fed that doesn't make my argument invalid (poisioning the well)
[1:52] LuciferSatan Genira: i just moved
[1:53] Charity Stohr: well
[1:53] Charity Stohr: you are a racist
[1:53] LuciferSatan Genira: and im a citisen
[1:53] LuciferSatan Genira: you are a fed
[1:53] LuciferSatan Genira: lol
[1:53] LuciferSatan Genira: you are so funny
[1:53] LuciferSatan Genira: you dont admit to it
[1:54] LuciferSatan Genira: i know the rules
[1:54] LuciferSatan Genira: you cant spy on me
[1:54] LuciferSatan Genira: and now your pretending to be AFK
[1:54] Charity Stohr: i know where you live ;V
[1:54] LuciferSatan Genira: i know that rule too
[1:54] Charity Stohr: we have your phone tapped
[1:54] LuciferSatan Genira: no you dont
[1:55] LuciferSatan Genira: i live underground man
[1:55] LuciferSatan Genira: i dont have a phone
[1:55] LuciferSatan Genira: are you a federal agent?
[1:55] Charity Stohr: what do you think?
[1:56] LuciferSatan Genira: i think you are.. but you havent told me you are
[1:56] LuciferSatan Genira: so are you?
[1:56] LuciferSatan Genira: how come its too hard to say no?
[1:57] LuciferSatan Genira: AFK again?
[1:57] LuciferSatan Genira: your AFK most of the time
[1:57] Charity Stohr: i'm checking your folder, hold on
[1:57] LuciferSatan Genira: ok
[1:57] LuciferSatan Genira: does it say that i killed one of your spys?
[1:59] LuciferSatan Genira: does it say that EVERYONE ive uncovered has been pushed against the rules?
[1:59] LuciferSatan Genira: and has broken each and every one of them?
[2:00] LuciferSatan Genira: your next
[2:00] LuciferSatan Genira: if i ever see you online again in any chat room containing more forginers..
[2:00] LuciferSatan Genira: ill expose you
[2:00] LuciferSatan Genira: cause what your doing is international spying..
[2:00] LuciferSatan Genira: not just international spying..
[2:01] LuciferSatan Genira: but spying PERIOD
[2:01] LuciferSatan Genira: and thats illegal
[2:01] LuciferSatan Genira: cant spy on american citizens
[2:01] LuciferSatan Genira: without a warant
[2:01] LuciferSatan Genira: the inter-net is just that..
[2:01] Charity Stohr: ever herd of the patriot act?
[2:01] LuciferSatan Genira: international
[2:01] LuciferSatan Genira: www = world wide web
[2:01] Charity Stohr: we're fighting an international war on terror
[2:01] LuciferSatan Genira: your an international terrorist
[2:02] Charity Stohr: and the UKis assisting us
[2:02] Charity Stohr: clearly
[2:02] LuciferSatan Genira: no
[2:02] LuciferSatan Genira: i dont think so
[2:03] LuciferSatan Genira: your in so many groups
[2:03] LuciferSatan Genira: i will expose you now

-------------METANOMICS CHAT----------------

[2:04] LuciferSatan Genira: EVERYONE LISTEN UP!!!
[2:04] LuciferSatan Genira: i have exposed a situation on SL
[2:04] LuciferSatan Genira: i believe the american government is spying on THIS GROUP!!
[2:04] Tizzy Teardrop gets popcorn.
[2:05] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr.. ARE YOU A GOVERNMENT AGENT??
[2:05] LuciferSatan Genira: members of the american agency known as the CRS (congressional Research service) have come to me with information
[2:06] LuciferSatan Genira: it seems there are watching our every move
[2:06] Tizzy Teardrop: Ceilingcat is watching you play SL.
[2:06] LuciferSatan Genira: this individual tells me that ALL groups are being monitored for activist activity
[2:06] Cierra Anatine: mmmmm....okay
[2:06] LuciferSatan Genira: which is illegal on two fronts
[2:06] LuciferSatan Genira: This is intrnational espionage
[2:06] LuciferSatan Genira: and
[2:07] LuciferSatan Genira: unwarrented spying on american citizens
[2:07] LuciferSatan Genira: The organization responcible is the CRS (congressional research service)
[2:07] LuciferSatan Genira: as well as other possible groups
[2:07] LuciferSatan Genira: it seems they all work out of washington D.C.
[2:08] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr are you a government agent?
[2:08] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr are you a government agent?
[2:08] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr are you a government agent?

--------------Free State Project Chat--------------------

[2:08] Charity Stohr: Under Section 17 of the U.S.A. P.A.T.I.O.T. ACT I order you cease immediatly.

-------------METANOMICS CHAT----------------

[2:09] LuciferSatan Genira: i will post this question once a minute
[2:09] LuciferSatan Genira: till the person logs out of this group
[2:09] LuciferSatan Genira: and this chat
[2:09] LuciferSatan Genira: OR
[2:09] LuciferSatan Genira: till they answer
[2:09] LuciferSatan Genira: sorry people
[2:09] LuciferSatan Genira: this is how you catch a spy
[2:09] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr are you a government agent?
[2:10] Tizzy Teardrop: Lucifer, the second you clicked accept on the Terms of Service, you agreed to section 6.2 which states, "Linden Lab may observe and record your interaction within the Service, and may share aggregated and other general information (not including your personal information) with third parties."
[2:10] LuciferSatan Genira: yes
[2:11] LuciferSatan Genira: that is collected inorder to aquire information about the individual they are spying on
[2:11] LuciferSatan Genira: simply
[2:11] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr are you a government agent?
[2:12] Tizzy Teardrop: I'd tell you to shut off the computer and go outside but the satellites might be watching you.
[2:12] Tizzy Teardrop: Have to be careful about that.
[2:12] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr are you a government agent?
[2:12] LuciferSatan Genira: please dont use the group so the chat can be at a minimum
[2:12] LuciferSatan Genira: thank you
[2:12] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr are you a government agent?
[2:13] Tizzy Teardrop thinks you should take your own advice. *laughs*
[2:13] Cierra Anatine: what do you have to hide that's making you so paranoid, Lucifer?
[2:13] LuciferSatan Genira: non related.. Charlty Stohr are you a government agent?
[2:14] Tizzy Teardrop: His porn collection, obviously.
[2:14] LuciferSatan Genira: these government agents use a tactic known as ''flaming''
[2:14] LuciferSatan Genira: the tactic is ment to disturb the group so that no one continues to use it
[2:14] Cierra Anatine: stop spamming the group
[2:15] LuciferSatan Genira: by ''useing flame''.. they can destroy all groups which pose a threat simply by existing threw numbers
[2:15] Cierra Anatine: mean like what you are doing right now??
[2:15] LuciferSatan Genira: Cierra are you a government agent?
[2:15] Cierra Anatine: hahahaha
[2:15] LuciferSatan Genira: i am not a government agent
[2:15] LuciferSatan Genira: answer the question
[2:15] Tizzy Teardrop: Spy sappin my sentry.
[2:15] Lynni Aeon: Funny...I muted him the first time he tried I can only see one side of this conversation..heheh
[2:16] Sonja Strom: me too
[2:16] LuciferSatan Genira: Tizzy are you a government agent?
[2:16] Tizzy Teardrop: Yes. *cues 007 theme*
[2:16] Lynni Aeon: :)
[2:16] Tizzy Teardrop: Dun dun dun dun dun dun
[2:16] Tizzy Teardrop strikes a pose.
[2:16] LuciferSatan Genira: the individual has admited to being a government agent
[2:16] LuciferSatan Genira: tizzy for what governemnt do you work for?
[2:16] Cierra Anatine looks for her shoe phone
[2:16] Sonja Strom: I am too Lucifer
[2:16] Tizzy Teardrop: The glorious motherland of soviet woodbury.
[2:17] Lynni Aeon: and now....close window...XD
[2:17] Sonja Strom: and I am watching you
[2:17] LuciferSatan Genira: any other governments?
[2:17] Tizzy Teardrop: The republic of ravenglass.
[2:17] Cierra Anatine: we're all watching you Lucifer
[2:17] Sonja Strom: Arosa Village
[2:17] LuciferSatan Genira: do you work for a government located in north america?
[2:18] Sonja Strom: I work for the United Nations
[2:18] Cierra Anatine: if i worked for the post office, would i be suspect?
[2:18] Sonja Strom: my job is to watch IMs in Second Life
[2:18] LuciferSatan Genira: the united nations do not have a spy agency
[2:18] LuciferSatan Genira: the post office do not have a spy agency
[2:18] Sonja Strom: if it did Lucifer, how would you know?
[2:19] Cierra Anatine: why are you so paranoid?
[2:19] Cierra Anatine: makes me think you have something to hide
[2:19] Sonja Strom: yes, what *do* you have to hide, Lucifer?
[2:19] Cierra Anatine: are you an "activist" you call it?
[2:19] Tizzy Teardrop: Here's some food for thought Lucifer. Linden Lab works closely with the National Defense University and previously posted job openings that required government security clearance. :)
[2:19] LuciferSatan Genira: im an officer of indymedia.. i am uncovering the existance of government agents on SL, comiting terrorism and spying on American and non american individuals
[2:20] LuciferSatan Genira: i would like to contact your uper in command Tizzy
[2:20] Tizzy Teardrop: Send an IM to Prokofy Neva.
[2:20] Tizzy Teardrop: She can tell you everything.
[2:20] LuciferSatan Genira: thank you
[2:20] Tizzy Teardrop: Anytime :)
[2:22] Cierra Anatine: it is no secret that Homeland Security is in SL
[2:23] Charity Stohr: ✡
[2:23] LuciferSatan Genira: Homeland Security are responcible for unwarrently spying
[2:23] LuciferSatan Genira: that is illegal
[2:23] LuciferSatan Genira: i would like to contact your orchestraighter
[2:23] LuciferSatan Genira: the individual known as Prokofy Neva is not responding
[2:24] LuciferSatan Genira: all those listening in.. becareful of crashing clients
[2:24] LuciferSatan Genira: they are known to do such things
[2:25] LuciferSatan Genira: [2:08] Charity Stohr: Under Section 17 of the U.S.A. P.A.T.I.O.T. ACT I order you cease immediatly.
[2:25] LuciferSatan Genira: as such a statement was recorded in public group chat
[2:25] LuciferSatan Genira: i am able to share such
[2:26] Aquamina Khalifa: You must be in a hospital somewhere wearing a straight jacket using your nose to type; cut the crap now please
[2:26] Cierra Anatine: were misspelling the name in the group chat
[2:26] LuciferSatan Genira: you have not alowed me any way of due process
[2:27] LuciferSatan Genira: i am currently being spyed on
[2:27] LuciferSatan Genira: and i seek due process
[2:27] Cierra Anatine: for what?
[2:27] LuciferSatan Genira: i believe that what you are doing is illegal
[2:27] Cierra Anatine: why would you be spied upon?
[2:27] LuciferSatan Genira: you are spying on ALL of the members of this international forum
[2:28] LuciferSatan Genira: internet = international network
[2:28] Cierra Anatine: i think you've been drinking
[2:28] LuciferSatan Genira: www = world wide web
[2:28] Cierra Anatine: go to bed
[2:28] LuciferSatan Genira: i would like to contact your supervisor dirrectly
[2:29] Cierra Anatine: I am my own supervisor


[2:30] LuciferSatan Genira: then i would like to speak to the next in your chain of command
[2:30] Charity Stohr: she is standing right next to you

+++++++++++++++++++++++ IN OPEN CHAT NEXT TO LUCIFER++++++++++++

[2009/12/06 2:29] Charity Stohr: you know that guy i was spying on?
[2009/12/06 2:29] Tizzy Teardrop: Yes
[2009/12/06 2:29] Charity Stohr: he wants to talk to you
[2009/12/06 2:30] Mia Lemieux is Offline
[2009/12/06 2:30] Jinx Paz: shit music e ven biffernign in it unes
[2009/12/06 2:30] Jinx Paz: my net must having issues
[2009/12/06 2:30] Guinevere Kirshner: lool
[2009/12/06 2:31] Tizzy Teardrop spies.

++++++++++++++++ LUCIFER RUNS AWAY THEN TELEPORTS AWAY +++++++++

[2:30] Cierra Anatine: mmm...that would be me, too
[2:31] LuciferSatan Genira: i note that what you are doing is harrassment
[2:31] LuciferSatan Genira: i am not an american citizen
[2:31] LuciferSatan Genira: you are unable to detain me
[2:32] Charity Stohr: you offered us to this club, under PATRIOT ACT Section 22, we can accsept invitations w/o warrent or reasonable suspission.
[2:32] LuciferSatan Genira: which is what you have tryed to do, by restricting my inworld movement
[2:32] LuciferSatan Genira: you have attempted to break your terms of service, by restricting my movment
[2:32] Charity Stohr: negitive.
[2:33] Cierra Anatine: brb..need mopre popcorn
[2:33] Charity Stohr: please take this converation out of the puplic eye. You are in violation of federal laws protecting confidential investigations.
[2:33] LuciferSatan Genira: yes you have
[2:34] LuciferSatan Genira: no i am not
[2:35] LuciferSatan Genira: Charity Stohr since you have violated terms of service for this client, and broke international laws as well as unwarrented spying.. i wish to talk to your supervisor
[2:35] Charity Stohr: that would be Tizzy Teardrop
[2:35] Charity Stohr: she is my ranking officer.
[2:35] Charity Stohr: clearly.
[2:36] LuciferSatan Genira: i wish for your supervisor to contact me dirrectly
[2:36] LuciferSatan Genira: asap
[2:36] LuciferSatan Genira: since im currently having my rights violated
[2:37] Charity Stohr: who when where or why she talks with you is on her own will, she is not obligated to speak with you.
[2:37] LuciferSatan Genira: since a major law has been broken.. i wish to speak to the individual/individuals whome are in jurisdiction of these affairs
[2:37] Charity Stohr: she has been made awares of your request.
[2:37] Tizzy Teardrop: We know what you did Lucifer. We are the invisible hand. We are the FIC.
[2:38] Charity Stohr: laws do not apply to us
[2:38] Charity Stohr: you know too much
[2:38] LuciferSatan Genira: are you Charity Stohr a government agent?
[2:39] Charity Stohr: if i answered that honestly, i would have to kill you.
[2:39] LuciferSatan Genira: you have desided to make threats
[2:39] LuciferSatan Genira: since you are obligated to amit you are to me
[2:39] Charity Stohr: no threats
[2:39] LuciferSatan Genira: admit*
[2:39] Charity Stohr: im just saying i cannot answer the question
[2:39] Charity Stohr: no
[2:39] LuciferSatan Genira: that is a lie
[2:39] Charity Stohr: i admit nothing
[2:40] LuciferSatan Genira: you are forced to.. under international law
[2:40] LuciferSatan Genira: that is the last time i wil remind you
[2:40] Charity Stohr: no, I am not bound by international law in me investigation
[2:40] Charity Stohr: my*
[2:40] Cierra Anatine: nope...only name, rank, and serial number
[2:40] LuciferSatan Genira: i wish to speak to an individual whome is higher in your chain of command whome is not present
[2:40] Tizzy Teardrop: Thank you for contacting the FIC with your conerns Lucifer. Unforuntately we are unable to answer IMs directly. Please press F1 for help or feel free to file a support ticket at
[2:41] Charity Stohr: Tizzers IS my ranking officer.
[2:41] Charity Stohr: THE ranking officer
[2:41] LuciferSatan Genira: then i will submit a ticket under a falce account
[2:41] LuciferSatan Genira: false*
[2:41] LuciferSatan Genira: with a false IP
[2:42] LuciferSatan Genira: Tizzy teardrop
[2:42] LuciferSatan Genira: i wish to contact your supervisor threw telephone
[2:42] LuciferSatan Genira: what is the number please
[2:43] Tizzy Teardrop: You can also contact our complaints department at 1-985-655-2500.
[2:44] LuciferSatan Genira: is there an 800 number i can call?
[2:45] Charity Stohr: 800
[2:45] Charity Stohr: are you kidding me
[2:45] Charity Stohr: you cheap bastard
[2:46] LuciferSatan Genira: i wish to call from an 800 number using a method of hiding my IP
[2:46] LuciferSatan Genira: if i was a paying customer they would already have my information
[2:47] LuciferSatan Genira: i am doing such only for privacy reasons
[2:47] Cierra Anatine: they already do have your info....your payment info is on file
[2:47] LuciferSatan Genira: my payment info is secure
[2:47] LuciferSatan Genira: i used a gift card
[2:47] LuciferSatan Genira: untracable
[2:48] Cierra Anatine: what are you hiding, Lucifer?
[2:48] LuciferSatan Genira: i am a private person
[2:48] LuciferSatan Genira: you are responcible for unwarrently spying on me
[2:48] Cierra Anatine: not i
[2:48] LuciferSatan Genira: and drilling me even though i have not been arrested
[2:49] LuciferSatan Genira: i would consider such ''questioning'' harrassment
[2:49] LuciferSatan Genira: how many times have you asked that question?
[2:49] Charity Stohr: I find you harassing. I will submit your name to the FIC meeting this wednsday
[2:49] LuciferSatan Genira: i can count for atleast 3
[2:50] Cierra Anatine: i think your posts on this group will result in an AR
[2:50] LuciferSatan Genira: you do not have such a right to continue harrassing me
[2:50] Charity Stohr: nor you me
[2:50] LuciferSatan Genira: these conversations are being recorded btw
[2:50] Charity Stohr: i was just investigating you, and you spammed me.
[2:50] Charity Stohr: remember
[2:50] OslacRex Bing: considers the concept of complaining anonymously
[2:50] Charity Stohr: i didn't spam you. I was queit this whole time.
[2:51] Tizzy Teardrop: Lucifer you have already violated the TOS by pasting private IMs in this group.
[2:51] LuciferSatan Genira: yes you did
[2:51] LuciferSatan Genira: and i have that conversation recorded aswell
[2:51] LuciferSatan Genira: i have not passed any private Ims
[2:51] LuciferSatan Genira: the information passed on was from a public forum
[2:52] LuciferSatan Genira: and trust law is not mentioned in TOS
[2:52] Cierra Anatine: you have also held this group chat hostage for nearly an hour, which is violating my right to use this if i wish to
[2:53] Tizzy Teardrop: Metanomics should do a connecting the dots special with this guy.
[2:53] Charity Stohr: Well
[2:53] LuciferSatan Genira: you have been using this group the whole time
[2:53] Charity Stohr: we have what we needed.
[2:54] Charity Stohr: we have him admiting he knows what happend on 9/11
[2:54] LuciferSatan Genira: you have violated most laws of spying
[2:54] LuciferSatan Genira: and also harrassment
[2:54] LuciferSatan Genira: you have violated terms of service
[2:54] Charity Stohr: thats enough for a quiet military tribunal under the Millitary Commissions Act.
[2:54] LuciferSatan Genira: and community conduct
[2:54] Tizzy Teardrop: Yea we're new, first day on the job and such.
[2:54] Charity Stohr: your messages have been logged and someone will be contacting you shortly. take care.
[2:54] LuciferSatan Genira: if you are american agents.. then i hope you burn in hell
[2:55] Charity Stohr: There is no hell, we make that up to keep you in line.
[2:55] LuciferSatan Genira: this is exactly what i would expect of american agents
[2:55] Charity Stohr: who said we're american?
[2:56] Tizzy Teardrop: Don't worry sir, we're from the internet.
[2:56] Charity Stohr: ✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡✡
[2:56] LuciferSatan Genira: you are continueing to break international laws
[2:56] Charity Stohr: like i said
[2:56] Charity Stohr: international law is inapplicable to us
[2:56] LuciferSatan Genira: international laws for your country
[2:56] LuciferSatan Genira: i know them
[2:57] Charity Stohr: site them all then mr INTERPOL
[2:57] LuciferSatan Genira: i have lawyers for such
[2:58] Charity Stohr: your lawyers will not be allowed in a tribunal
[2:58] LuciferSatan Genira: millitary tribunal?
[2:58] LuciferSatan Genira: are you millitary?
[2:59] LuciferSatan Genira: for what reasons would i be brought to charges?
[2:59] Charity Stohr: Sir, i am not authorized to comment on my postition, rank, or branch
[2:59] Charity Stohr: it would be a violation
[2:59] Tizzy Teardrop: Delusional disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis denoting a psychotic mental disorder that is characterized by holding one or more non-bizarre delusions[1] in the absence of any other significant psychopathology. Non-bizarre delusions are fixed beliefs that are certainly and definitely false, but that could possibly be plausible, for example, someone who thinks he or she is under police surveillance.
[2:59] LuciferSatan Genira: but you admit you are a government agent infront of us
[2:59] Charity Stohr: I am however a senior officer in the Feted Inner Core.
[3:00] Charity Stohr: thats the only group i can admit my agency.
[3:00] Charity Stohr: What Tizzers said
[3:00] Charity Stohr: you are paranoid
[3:00] Charity Stohr: see what your conspiracy theories have done?
[3:01] Charity Stohr: make you look like a total ass to everyone in the group
[3:01] Charity Stohr: LOL I TROLL U
[3:01] LuciferSatan Genira: and currently you are attempting to harrass me, by use of discrediting me?
[3:01] LuciferSatan Genira: that is a violation of my rights
[3:01] Charity Stohr: no, you harassed yourself
[3:01] Charity Stohr: with your batshit lunacy.
[3:01] Tizzy Teardrop: I think you've discredited yourself quite successfully. LMAO
[3:02] Charity Stohr: we don't need to shoot your foot, because you did it for us
[3:02] LuciferSatan Genira: you are continueing to harrass me then
[3:02] Charity Stohr: no
[3:02] Charity Stohr: you are harassing yourself
[3:03] LuciferSatan Genira: what you are doing is a terms of service AND a breaking of the community standards
[3:03] Charity Stohr: nope
[3:03] Charity Stohr: community standards and TOS doesn't cover someone making an ass out of themselfs
[3:03] Charity Stohr: and us helping :3
[3:03] Cierra Anatine: just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you
[3:03] Charity Stohr: j/k
[3:03] Charity Stohr: im really spying on you
[3:03] Cierra Anatine: run, Lucifer, run
[3:03] Charity Stohr: @_@
[3:04] Charity Stohr: i am spying on you from the fine people of Israel ✡
[3:04] LuciferSatan Genira: yes it is
[3:04] LuciferSatan Genira: yes it is
[3:04] LuciferSatan Genira: yes it is
[3:04] LuciferSatan Genira: yes it is
[3:04] Charity Stohr: in befotre snapping
[3:05] Charity Stohr: and I regret to inform you:
[3:05] Charity Stohr: Jews DIDN'T do WTC or communism
[3:05] LuciferSatan Genira: you are currently making general statements about my health ''[3:04] Cierra Anatine: run, Lucifer, run'' can be construded as a threat.
[3:06] Charity Stohr: construded if you are paranoid
[3:06] Charity Stohr: i guess
[3:06] Cierra Anatine: mmm not hardly
[3:07] LuciferSatan Genira: you have made multiple threats in the same generalization
[3:07] Cierra Anatine: i have threatened no one
[3:09] LuciferSatan Genira: you have threatend me.. if you have not threatened me.. then i feal threatened..
[3:09] Philo Irata: get over it
[3:09] Philo Irata: stop the spam
[3:10] Cierra Anatine: i told you Lucifer, I am my own supervisor
[3:10] LuciferSatan Genira: that is impossible
[3:10] Cierra Anatine: no it's not
[3:10] Philo Irata: Cierra, stop toying with the nusiance
[3:10] LuciferSatan Genira: since you are on SL as a spy.. and you are members of certain groups to spy upon
[3:10] Cierra Anatine: i work for myself
[3:11] LuciferSatan Genira: then your existance in those groups, is because of spy activity
[3:11] LuciferSatan Genira: what is your line of work?
[3:11] LuciferSatan Genira: your alibi will not hold up in court, child..
[3:12] Cierra Anatine: don't call me a child
[3:13] LuciferSatan Genira: you have revield your self to not be simply using the SL client but spying within another SL community
[3:13] LuciferSatan Genira: i have recorded that conversation aswell
[3:14] Rory Serpente: I just logged in and I assume - [3:13] LuciferSatan Genira: you have revield your self to not be simply using the SL client but spying within another SL community
[3:13] LuciferSatan Genira: i have recorded that conversation aswell - is not to myself?
[3:14] Cierra Anatine: i have "revealed" no such thing
[3:14] Rory Serpente: Lucifer while Rory's account is only some 13 months old - may I say 1 thing
[3:15] Rory Serpente: I read Cierra's reply
[3:15] Rory Serpente: and I knew her well for some time in Winterfell and what you said is not teh Lady I knew.
[3:15] Cierra Anatine: :-)))
[3:16] Rory Serpente: and LuciferSatan Genira, may I point out to you taht non Metanomics related accusations liek yours are against the group charter
[3:16] Cierra Anatine: Poor dear Lucifer is delusional, and i admit I am just egging him on a bit....please forgive me
[3:17] Rory Serpente: THe facts of teh matter are none of my business however you have publically blackened a persons name and I shal be bringthis to eth attention of eth Group Admin
[3:17] LuciferSatan Genira: i can transcribe the messages which started this conversation
[3:17] LuciferSatan Genira: it is Metanomics related
[3:17] LuciferSatan Genira: i have red the charter
[3:17] LuciferSatan Genira: read*
[3:18] Rory Serpente: Excellent then when Admin contacts you there should be no issue
[3:18] Rory Serpente: Excellent then when Admin contacts you there should be no issue
[3:19] LuciferSatan Genira: you are openly harrassing me then
[3:19] Rory Serpente: however kindly IM me wher eit says you can do what another member does on their private blog and besmirch people.
[3:19] LuciferSatan Genira: you know such accusations are false.. and yet you will attempt to misslead individuals with admin abilities to harrass me?
[3:19] LuciferSatan Genira: Rory i wish to speak with your supervisor
[3:20] LuciferSatan Genira: what you have done is a TOS violation
[3:20] LuciferSatan Genira: and community standards
[3:20] Rory Serpente: my supervisor - what are you talking about?
[3:20] LuciferSatan Genira: Rory are you a government agent?
[3:20] Rory Serpente: and if I have breached TOS AR me to LL
[3:20] Cierra Anatine: you are suspect, Rory
[3:20] LuciferSatan Genira: i record all information for future analisis
[3:21] LuciferSatan Genira: by the american government
[3:21] Rory Serpente: what I am is totally irrevalent to you LuciferSatan Genira, however I suggest you think befor you threaten me
[3:21] LuciferSatan Genira: i am a citisen though
[3:21] Cierra Anatine: go grab some popcorn Rory
[3:21] LuciferSatan Genira: i have not threatened you
[3:21] Tizzy Teardrop: This is a Linden Kool-aid zone, only idealism and PR spin are allowed in this chat. Keep this in mind next time you decide to blatantly violate the group charter Lucifer.
[3:21] LuciferSatan Genira: Rory are you a government agent?
[3:21] LuciferSatan Genira: what you are doing is stalling
[3:21] Rory Serpente: TX Tizzy
[3:21] LuciferSatan Genira: and that is an international crime
[3:21] Smoke Wijaya: Come on Lucifer, stop your delusional ramblings allright. Yes, we are all government spies.
[3:21] LuciferSatan Genira: for international espionage
[3:22] Rory Serpente: LuciferSatan Genira - I shal IM you now - and issues you have with me are not for this board
[3:22] LuciferSatan Genira: Rory im asking you in the public forum in which i have met you in
[3:22] LuciferSatan Genira: i want you to answer
[3:23] LuciferSatan Genira: ARE YOU A GOVERNMENT AGENT??
[3:23] lufpleh Obstreperous: [Just to all help you spot a troll when you see one: 2:36] LuciferSatan Genira: i wish for your supervisor to contact me dirrectly [2:38] LuciferSatan Genira: are you Charity Stohr a government agent?
[3:24] Rory Serpente: I have IM'ed you stop harassing me in group and breaching group TOS
[3:24] Smoke Wijaya:, Lucifer, I thought you would have grown tired of that shite after branding everyone in other groups a government agent.
[3:24] Rory Serpente: and read my profile I live in Australia
[3:25] Cierra Anatine: where do you live, Lucifer?
[3:25] Charity Stohr: The United Kingdom
[3:25] Charity Stohr: Just moved
[3:25] Charity Stohr: we've been keeping an eye on him