Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Las Vegas Review: BeatleShow! (Planet Hollywood)

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So I saw my first show in Vegas as an adult last night. I was given 2 free tickets for donating blood along with 2 more tickets to go see Penn & Teller (which I am planning to see tonight.) I'm a Beatles fan, so why not go see this, right? We got there and the house wasn't packed. So our General Seating tickets magically turned into VIP seats after we entered the theater.

The show is basically a Fab Four style tribute band to The Beatles complete with wardrobe changes. The show started off with an Ed Sullivan impersonator introducing the Beatles with some cheesy jokes. The Red curtain pulls back and out come the Beatles in the classic suit and ties playing the typical set list from the show.

The first thing we noticed was The Paul is right handed, 40 years old, caked with makeup and just doesn't sound right at all. He was a poor Paul indeed. However Harrison and Ringo were good enough for the imagination. John was pretty close, even as far as singing goes.

The first set wan't too bad. The mid song jokes were terrible. We kept telling each other that they just need to shut up and play.

Half way though the first set a couple of go-go dancers came out. They weren't the hottest chicks in the world, but probably the hottest chicks in the theater. About that time re realized that most of the audience was 50 and older and some of them were trying to dance. Reminded me of some of the activity times during my job at the convalescent home to be perfectly honest. Should of been expected.

Ed Sullivan came out to make a few lame pot brownie jokes then Paul came out to sing 'Yesterday' in the back of the room. So we all had to turn to look behind us or look at the poor quality projector and screen at center stage.

Paul sank into the floor and in came one of the most painful moments in Vegas show history next to a Criss Angel show came when an Austin Powers impersonator (It was the Ed Sullivan impersonator) came out. This is never good. Austin Powers impersonations are ALWAYS terrible no matter how spot on it is. This was no better. After that dreadful moment, the screen fell again to show us and old video of old British people singing Beatles songs. If I didn't know the Sgt. Pepper stuff was coming next, I would of left then.

They came out and played a few songs from Sgt. Pepper, not not one song from Magical Mystery Tour! Not even I am the Walrus or All You Need is Love. Even then the set list was very short. But they did do a great Sgt. Pepper Reprise/A Day in the Life combo that did make up for no Magical Mystery Tour songs. John left while the other members plays a couple of Paul songs.

Then the curtain drew again and (thank God) Austin Powers didn't come back. Instead we got to see a minute of 1980 football before being interrupted by a news report that John had been shot and killed. Then he came out playing Imagine. Which was almost tear jerkingly good.

Then the other Beatles came out in their later years clothes and wrapped up the show. Nothing terrible except for While My Guitar Gently Weeps that was atrocious. We found out why they didn't let Harrison sing for the beginning of the set and the guitar playing was terrible.

All in all it wasn't terribly bad, but it wasn't anything great. Wouldn't of bought tickets, nor will I. If I get free tickets I might try to pass them off to someone who may enjoy it more than I. Namely my parents who enjoy these cheesy Vegas shows. Maybe a little Penn & Teller might revive my hope for Vegas shows. Planet Hollywood, if you're reading this: For the love of God, get a new Paul and make John sing While My Guitar Gently Weeps. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

UPDATED: Libertarian Party Trojan Horse Candidate: Scott Keller.

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I'm not a member of the Libertarian party and haven't been for a few years. Back when I was a member, the only thing I ever seen them do was fight with each other so I just ignored them for the most part and looked for other ways to spread the message. When they nominated Bob Barr, they sent me a letter telling me and asking for a campaign contribution. I took the prepaid envelope and sent back a letter asking them to remove me from their roles permanently because of this. I ignored them much more after that.

Something did cross my path a few days ago when blogger Muertos noticed that presidential candidate Scott Keller decided to drop out of running as an independent and seek the Libertarian nomination for president. I thought this was odd considering how much effort he has made to brush off libertarian ideas, now he's embracing them?

“I’m not willing to change stances just to align with a party….I will continue to be a supporter and promoter of a move towards innovative ideas such as the Venus Project and the testing of Resource Based models.” ―Scott Keller

This is important for those who still are active in the LP. by "Resource Based models" he's talking about a Resource Based Economy or Resource Based Economical Model. Most people in the LP are unfamiliar with what that is. Now a lot of libertarians like the idea of a "Resource Based Economy," in fact, who wouldn't? All economies are resource based. It's a totally redundant term, like saying anal butt-sex in the ass.

But to people in The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement, those words mean something completely different. Their idea for the world's economic system isn't one of laissez-faire, or free market. Not even a regulated or mixed economy. In fact, what they advocate would make your typical socialist Occupy hippy look like a teabagger.

A Resource-Based Economy (or RBE as the kids call it) is a top down constructed socio-economic system in which the vast majority of labor is eliminated in favor of mechanization and automated production of goods. Everything is made and distributed in accordance with what scientifically efficient and ecologically sustainable and money is abolished. People can get food, water, clothing, housing and other goods needed to function without the use of money or trade.

If this sounds familiar, it should. This is the end goal of communism. A stateless, classless, moneyless post-scarcity society from each according to his ability to each according to his need. The "originator" of this RBE design is this ban, Jacque Fresco. I use that term loosely because I hardly consider this to be a rational ideology even by communist standards.

(SCATTER BRAIN WARNING: careful watching this, this guy can't stay on topic if you paid him.)

What differentiates this system with something like Marx & Engels or Kropotkin & Bakunin is instead of having proposed systems of rational distributions of goods, Fresco has toy models. Why offer a solution or even propose one when you can just lay the burden of responsibility on the feet of "Science and technology will figure it out" and play with your toys?

In fact most of The Venus Project material is one of 2 things, listening to this old fart go on scatter brained tangents or watching his "World of Tomorrow" demonstrations that have little to do with the economic system, and mostly serve as a distraction to the fact it has any real substance.

Now this begs the question: Why would a neo-Marxist Technocrat run for president in a party that is mostly based on free-market ideas? The answer is simple; infiltration and disruption.

In 2010 a internet radio talk show host by the name of VTV (Neil Kiernan Stephenson) who's show V-Radio is about The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project joined the Boston Tea Party and did take over. He got a bunch of his listeners and others from The Zeitgeist Movement forums to come on to his side and vote for him as the leader of the group to transform it from the libertarian leaning group to another mouthpiece for The Zeitgeist Movement. A Google search for "vtv site:bostontea.us" will yield the entire messy drama that unfolded. Since then the Boston Tea Party website is mostly abandoned after the whole fiasco.

Look, the LP has it's problems. Infighting has gotten so bad that most people don't even want to deal with it anymore. Myself included. If you think the infighting is bad now, wait until the Zeitards and Venusians come to stir the pot with Scott Keller, and they will.

Scott Keller talking to The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project about a RBE:

UPDATE: It appears his run was a dismal failure. And I do mean dismal. He received no straw poll votes. Not a single one. Not even in his home state of Texas. He didn't have a single delegate at the any of the conventions. Dispute not a single Zeitard or Venus Projector getting off the internet for 5 minutes to help his campaign in Realworldistan, he's made it clear he will be running in 2016 as an independent and in 2014 for Congress. I'm not sure if he's seriously going to run for president again considering he let his domain renewal lapse. We'll see I guess. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Doug "The Annihilator" Mallette Isn't a Diamond in the Rough

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A lot of people on both sides of the TZM/TVP/RBE/RBEM debate think that Doug Mallette is one of the more non-conspiratorial members of TZM/TVP. He's not. Meurtos from The Skeptic Project (not to be confused with YouTube user RonaldDeLosMeurtos) fell for this trap and finally noticed today. Just because he worked with NASA or never really mentions conspiracies doesn't mean he's not a nut. He is and always has been.

Shortly after the orgy of articles exposing him (which are all translated and reposted on my blog) he's shown his true nut colors again. Accusing James Kush, Muertos, The Swedish Press, and myself as "paid disinformation agents." Meaning he believes the government and/or this paranoid fantasy the NWO pays us money to speak out against TZM/TVP.

Patently absurd and laughable at best. The anti-Zeitgeisters I talk to have their own reasons for critiquing the groups and do not get paid for what they do. I oppose it on both economic grounds and the fact that I think conspiracy theories are retarded. Either way, the fact that I said this is only more proof to the conspiracy nutters that I am a disinfo agent. If they want to think that, fine. Let them sit in their corner of the internet rocking back and forth screeching about the gubermint poisoning the air. I could give a shit.

After the quote of him saying we should eradicate/annihilate anyone who attacks a farming facility, he issued an 'apology.' He didn't apologize for what he said, just how he said it. He also deleted it a month later which really shows he wasn't sorry about what he said, just he was sorry he got caught looking like a dick and just wanted to sweep it under the rug.

However if you watch this video @ 5:33 he accused the people who exposed him as a little tyrant of being psychotic NWO agenda 22 agents.

He's also very stupid. Even after accusing us of being paid disinformation agents of the gubermint, he thinks he can use the gubermint courts to sue gubermint agents in their sekkret gubermit NWO plot. There's simply not enough tinfoil in a tinfoil abundant RBE to keep this nut at bay. So have fun with your "automated" toy pot garden used to grow expensive tomatoes and crying about chemtrails, but if you do want to sue me I'll contact my attorney at LAWL. 

World Class 2015 Cancels Mallette Lectures and Issues Apology.

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(rough translation)

Douglas Ground lectures set
Posted on January 16, 2012
In the light of information obtained during the last days, we have decided to cancel our participation in Douglas Ground lectures in Örnsköldsvik. World Class 2015 can never support anti-democratic views that incite violence or other unlawful acts.

We hope that the debate that has followed this effort does not discourage people to lift up discussions or engage in Örnsköldsvik development. Social development is driven largely by creating dynamic open environments where many have their say. On the journey we continue in Örnsköldsvik. World Class 2015 will therefore continue to encourage all who want to contribute to meeting the challenges that face Ornskoldsvik.

Doug "The Annihilator" Mallette Exposed Pt. 3

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Exposed yet again by the same paper:

(Updated to a better translation thanks to Tomas Izaias Englund)

Mallette lecture is canceled
Now highlights the Green Party Douglas Mallette from his lecture program after new revelations about the controversial aerospace engineer. Listen for yourself.

Mallette lectures has been cancled

The Green Party has decided to cancel Douglas Mallette lectures. New information about the controversial aerospace engineer forced the politicians to change their minds.
"The statements Mallette has made .. we can not accept such views," says Jakob Norstedt-Moberg, spokesperson.

This weekend a number of youtube-videos was posted. OA (the name of the paper) disclosure about the space engineer Douglas Mallette got some spread in social media.

A number of American bloggers sat on some damning dark details about Mallettes past.

Now this information was brought to light.

It involves a number of statements made by Mallette in an interview from last year.

In the interview, Mallette uses a few drastic expressions: that opponents must be "crushed" and that some people are a "waste of skin".

He said that he would "annihilate" and "eliminate" people who go against him.

The harshness of these statements got the Green Party to react.
"We felt that we just could not accept this. It's serious enough to even be talking in such kind of terms. Therefore, we choose to say "no" to him. Mallette is no longer welcome here says Jakob Norstedt-Moberg, spokesperson.

It should be said, that Douglas Mallette at a number of occasions stated that he regrets his former statements. Also one of his apology-films were spread this weekend.

In the current situation, this is his statements.
"Of course, I regret saying those things. There were words said in affect. I do not advocate violence", says Douglas Mallette.

Even schools that have invited Douglas Mallette to speak, starting to hesitate after OA:s (name of the paper) disclosure.

- Tomorrow we teachers will gather and discuss this situation, says Hans Jonsson, the teachers representative, Nola-school.

Doug "The Annihilator" Mallette Exposed Pt. 2

The same paper did further investigations into this guy and found more:


(rough translation)

Contested speakers are flown here - for tax moneyÖrnsköldsvik thought they invited an engineer who worked for NASA. But they got something else entirely.For weeks the American lands Douglas Mallette in Örnsköldsvik. The municipal development projects World Class in 2015, taking him here from Florida and pay for his stay. World-class online marketing the Mallette as NASA engineer. The idea is that Mallette during the week to give lectures in schools, public and business community. But there is a big problem. Mallette has never worked for NASA. His possible links to the U.S. space authority is that he worked for Boeing, which in turn has had construction contracts in connection with the now-completed space program. However, Mallette one of the poster child for the so-called Zeitgeist Movement. The foundation of the movement are the films of the same name. Of critics described the movement's message that a healthy mix of conspiracy theories. The most famous Zeitgeistidén is that the U.S. government either on its own did the September 11 attack, or at least knew and did not stop the terrorist attack. If the secret societies that control the world. In the case of Douglas Mallette is mostly about space. He is among other things, convinced that human development can be explained by the fact that aliens have been involved with "behind the scenes". He's great dream is to see a space base on the moon. Mallette's most famous performance is the film Awakening (Awakening) that he posted on Youtube. The Awakening shown pictures of starving children while Mallette spend the text of everything he is against: banks, money, capitalism and consumerism. In addition to bring in a contested speaker, market municipality in the coming activities as a direct collaboration with a political party. "The Green Party Örnsköldsvik and Zeitgeist Scandinavia together with the municipality of Örnsköldsvik have the honor to present a lecture event in the world!" - It's just a pity that we have gone out with errors. It should not be seen as we are doing a joint event with the Green Party. We will correct this, says Vanya Östman, Project Manager, World Class 2015th The Green Party has continued to disseminate information and the decision to fly here from Florida Mallette maintained. - World class role in this is only that we have supported a young engaged guy who came to us and wanted help to bring in a lecturer. We have done this, nothing more. - Just because he comes here and tells you do not buy everything you say. Those who now come and listen to the lectures may practice their critical thinking, says Vanya Östman. In addition, managers already sold Mallette to Processum. According to the municipality will Mallette meet the company's "key people". - What I learned was that the municipality would take us a NASA engineer. It was what it was cool. If he has not worked for NASA, the question of this even relevant to us. That I must look closely at, says Sören Back, communications manager for Processum.
Tomas Englund Izaias 0660-29 55 34 tomas.englund @ allehanda.se

This is the same guy who said TZM should "annihilate" any group of people who attempts to stop their stupid imaginary vertical farms.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Doug "The Annihilator" Mallette Exposed


(Rough translation)

Yesterday was ÖA reveal Örnsköldsvik Municipality mistake . Officials believed they invited an engineer who worked for NASA.
Instead, the American Douglas Mallette.
He was one of the poster child for the so-called Zeitgeist Movement.
The movement will be happy impression that Mallette is some kind of "space experts" that he has been involved in developing space shuttles for NASA.
In their promotional material, the organizers of the visit ended with a number of claims. Among other things, that Mallette "devoted professional life to developing technologies for sustainable ecological systems in space."
It is not true.
But what has the actually Mallette made? Well, the closest he comes is a space that holds a similar position a trainee for the company GeoControl Systems.
For them, Mallette worked on systems for cargo handling, loading and unloading, at the Kennedy Space Center. Warehouse work, if you like.
Before that he worked for the U.S. Navy and later as a salesman. Mallette has negotiated everything from cigarettes to airline tickets and menswear.
To say that Mallette worked with space skyttelprogrammet is stretching the truth.
More doubts that the municipality is spreading also applies Mallette companies Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS).
World-class company describes as "revolutionary" and "high tech".
It's very well done for a one-man company that was started a few months ago, you would think. The company now registered in November 2011.
Pictures from Mallette so-called research facility also says the a lot about CFS.
The facility consists of a small narrow closet on a number square. There Mallette two small frames for vegetables. That's all.
According to Mallette's own data is the development budget in the current situation of the project at just over 35 000. Instead of high technology, this is rather a small hobby project where Mallette trying to cultivate energy-efficient.
Errors such as these have World class helped to spread out. And officials' claims of a direct collaboration with the Green Party has been the politicians to respond.
Liberal Party Gunnar Melin is one of the politicians who are extremely skeptical about how it was handled.
- This seems very strange. Is it bad research or what is going on? And how can the World class at all, think about the idea of ​​a collaboration with a political party in this way, he says and continues:
- This indicates a lack of knowledge and / or poor track of what to do in the context of World Class.
OA has tried to achieve World Class Project Vanya Östman for comment.