Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Racist Zeitards - IAM18YEARSOLDANDOVER

Updated: He hasn't learned his lesson. See below.
Came across this gem of a Zeitard today:

So if I disagree with Zeitgeist I jerk off to child porn? LOLWUT? Let's see who this guys is, we'll start with his favorites:

Me thinks this guy is projecting his sick pedo fetish on me. Let's check his recent activity:

A pedo AND a racist! NICE! Let's look closer, shall we? 

This guy makes voiceofretard467 look like MLK jr!

Google search of his YouTube comments with the keyword "nigger" finds more than enough of of his racist nonsense. Here's some other gems I found with that search.

At 0:59, the fat black nigger from Afreakahhhhhhh is like, "That was nasty". Ironic considering that her appearance and weight would make her nasty automatically.

All the white women at back we're all getting wet for this young black mans large and hard dick. They probably all rode him after the show, including Judge Judy, taking turns on his large pleasure pole.

The Zeitgeist Movement produces quality members, I must say!

Update: He was exposed and now he diabled his channel. Too bad Google got his whole history, happy searching:
How about some Google Cache?

Let's see what our friend has been up to lately. Surely he must of learned his lesson right?

@TheButterfly252 Hey nigger, the little nigger girl in the video has weaves, something all niggers go and get because they self-hate (racist towards themselves) about their own racial features. I don't blame them though, the nigger features are very disgusting to look at and have no aesthetic properties which is why you very rarely see any good looking nigger models on the world stage. Also, niggers have lower intelligence on average than all other human groups, just like most of them are poor.

This is pathetic

It's amazing how hard Beyonce is trying to make herself look white. I know a lot of African American 'women' in USA who wish so much to be white and have beautiful long straight hair like white girls do and have facial features that are actually attractive to men. Don't get me started on the ugly attitudes that black women are born with.

You are RACIST to talk like that about "black womyn". You must be UGLY period, but YOUR attitude is ugliest!

&Beyonce is not trying so hard to make her self look white, she IS light-skinned and been. Her mother is of French descent. Dumbass!
MANAiiA 3 weeks ago

@IAM18YEARSOLDANDOVER Oh wow, it's amazing how ignorant and racist you are being. Just because they prefer their hair straight they're suddenly 'trying to be white'? Asians have straight hair.. why is she copying white people and not asians? Okay, white people wants to be tanner and darker, does that mean they're trying to be black or asian?
reginakezya 3 weeks ago 37

@reginakezya Beyonce is clearly trying to copy White people. Look at the straight hair she is artifically making on her head AND then dying it into a light colour like white people's - something black people can almost never achieve!!! :D Also, when people tan they aren't trying to look like the colour of shit, they're just after a slight glow "orange" tinge to their skin. They don't want to overcook and look like shit. :DD

@IAM18YEARSOLDANDOVER Your fucking racist.
kim101318 2 weeks ago

@kim101318 I am just talking real stuff here which was always going to be found offensive by you because you are the target of the unfortunate facts of this world. Kim, a black Nigger woman in a white country, UK, talking to me on a white invention (computer). We run this world nigger bitch. You going to collect another welfare check that I paid for through my tax? How many children are you going to pop out this month? I know black sheboon love creating more criminal babies. Baboon! Ooga booga

@IAM18YEARSOLDANDOVER Dont hide behind a screen being racist because if you want to be racist so badly, be racist in public and you will see the kind of reaction you will get. And im a teenager so i wouldnt be wanting to 'pop out any kids'. All the sluts and pregnant hoes i know these days are white.
kim101318 2 weeks ago

@kim101318 I am racist all the time in public, I make I set let others know how vile the Nigger beast is. About 80% of Nigger sheboons are unmarried (because they can't get a man) and have babies. True facts! Also, you are in the UK (White country), go back to Afreakahhhhhhh to see your bruddas and sistas and see them all fuck each other without a care in the world, k? Good. Afreakahhhhhh, your homeland, has plenty of AIDS and HIV like Niggers because of their uncontrolled sex behaviour. Freaks

What's disturbing about this one is that he's talking about minors.

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Imagine a big black ugly Nigger dick inside that beautiful White pale girl.

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@IAM18YEARSOLDANDOVER Yhur Juss So Racist Its A Damn Shame. Yhur Goinn To Hell Where Yhu Deserve To Be.
ImJussDoinnMe006 2 weeks ago

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@ImJussDoinnMe006 There are a lot of ugly Black Nigger ape sheboons who want to see their ugly Black Nigger ape baboon men fuck the life out of petite and tiny, beautiful, blonde, and pale White girl. So that the ugly Black Nigger ape sheboons can finally get out of their insecurities about their ugly facial features, hair and attitude. A lot of ugly Black Nigger ape sheboons will acquire ashy skin in their lifetime and be single with more than one child and no husband.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The best video anyone has ever made me.

Peter Joseph decided to revive his dying 'movement' by having a free arts festival and only 70-80 people showed up. All the pictures showed it it was a failure, no media outlets picked it up. Not even the fringe media cared. I did a blog about this less than a month ago and James Kush reblogged it. One Zeitard got angry I was exposing his group's failure and decided to defend it by lying. He posted a comment on Kush's blog saying:

"The LA event was featured over on Hollywood Blvd by the Hollywood Walkway. We had a turn out of over 3,500, it was packed, same thing with the European and the other events during that time."

Fast forward today I was talking with some other Zeitard and he butted in by making me this video. Made my morning. Now it's 600. He is either full of shit, OR he couldn't tell the difference between 600 and 3,500 people unless his leader directly tells him. The video shows about 70-80 but he refuses to give up on this lie and shows video evidence of his bullshit. Remember, there were 14 artists and bands and limited green room space so some of the artists were probably walking around in that crowd. We wanted more evidence regarding how many people attended the event and voiceofreason467 delivered the goods. We now know attendance was around roughly 80 people.

This is the level of intelligence you can expect from a lot of The Zeitgeist Movement. If you want to have more laughs, see the YouTube video's comment section. I backed up the ones that were there as of this positing just in case he comes to his senses and deletes the video. I have little hope that this kid will ever admit he was wrong because he hasn't even when I set him up to lie and he lies, then lies about lying and comes up with another lie to replace his old one. This kid is seriously damaged.

NOTE: I am machwon. The person I debating this with was GalinoreGustave2 and the creator of the video is voiceofreason467
  • Just for the record:
    "The LA event was featured over on Hollywood Blvd by the Hollywood Walkway. We had a turn out of over 3,500, it was packed, same thing with the European and the other events during that time." - voiceofreason
    is (dot) gd / MtAZTo
    Now it's 600? I only see 80... 90 tops. Anyways, this video is featured on my channel. Greatest thing I've seen all week!
  • @machwon "Now it's 600?"
    I explained why I got the number wrong and Peter corrected me... you are just being an idiot starting with your conclusion and working your way backward. But what would I expect from a nonintellectual who follows Anarcho Capitalism (an inherently contradictory ideology), someone who starts off calling everyone who gets something wrong by a mistake a liar, and someone who blindly follows the Austrian School and uses only Austrian sources to critique someone.
  • @machwon Now, considering your dishonesty and your bullshit rhetoric, I have had it up to here with it to be honest. You refuse to consider yourself wrong and start off with any discussion believing the other side is full of shit. You started off your interaction with me believing I am a liar and thus that has colored your reactions to anything I present. I have shown that you have misrepresented everything I have said from day one and because of it I am done with you... blocked.
  • I thought you guys said you were done with each other.
  • @MisterBoswell He's interrupting on a conversation I was having with Galinore.
  • Meh maybe I was wrong. I'd say about 80.
  • @machwon "Meh maybe I was wrong. I'd say about 80."
    I see, so you refuse to admit that you were wrong and you can't admit that the LA event housed far more than you want to admit because you started with the conclusion and are trying to rationalize any evidence away. Nice job, oh and by the way, the line I showed also extends around the corner, I just didn't bother get footage of it because I didn't think I would have to engage in this argument.
  • Bingo nights at the retirement houses are more cheerful and livid than that failure of a show.
  • @G4Br1ELCLM Were you there? Oh wait... no because you're a troll.