Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeding the Monkey; Oral Fixations of a New Non-Smoker

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Well I decided I have some free time and I thought I'd share a bit of the BS going on in my life to appease my readers by giving them a nugget to chew on (pun intended.)

So today marks the 26th day of my quitting smoking. Yesterday was a bitch. Probably the hardest day, even more so than the "3 day hump" or the first 3 days in layman's terms.

Though I'm long past the physical addiction, I just have an oral fixation. No that doesn't mean I'm sucking dick and I'm sure most of my readers/friends are much more clever than to make a reactionary joke like that. Com'on. Usually I just chew some gum, have some hard candy, sunflower seeds and the likes. Yesterday was another world almost. My jaw ached from the amount of chewing I was doing to that poor pack of gum. This was roughly about 2 PM, hardly the end of the day.

I did find my cure for it however. I thought to myself "What food takes the longest to eat?" then it came to me like I should of known before I proposed this question to myself. POZOLE! <3

After 40 minutes of nirvana, I was cured.

Moral of the story; Never underestimate the power of Mexican food. ^__^

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm sorry....

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Since my move to CA, life has been pretty hectic with me in 2 schools and quitting smoking left me with little or no time to focus on a blog. I've still been keeping an eye on liberty issues and skepticism just to busy to give an opinion. Hold tight, once things settle down a bit I'll post a tl;dr post that you'll pretend to read and tell me was good.

People and the press have been asking me to comment on BnT and IntLibber Brautigan. At the moment there are a lot of places where you can find my opinion on the matter. I will no longer be commenting on such matters. My presence in SL has been limited for reasons already mentioned and I don't want that time used rehashing the same information to everyone who asks. If you really need to see how I feel on the issue, there's a TL;DR post on this blog or just Google around you'll find something.

IntLibber and I have resolved our differences an my opinion of him has changed drastically. Please do not contact me regarding this issue. I'm glad the battle of words are over.

The Post regarding him has been removed. No I will not distribute backups, nor do I endorse or support any comments from said article or the numerous comments posted on other blogs or news-outlets.