Friday, May 29, 2009

Format Change

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I will be broadening the the content on my blog. I find it a bit tedious trying to avoid topics I care about because this is a blog about cults and skepticism

So I will be talking about everything I care about, science, hookah, spicy foods, politics and whatever is on my mind. 

So expect more posts, but for now, courage!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank You "Tom Newton," or Should I Call You Jake?

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Because you go around using my handle, people are Googleing me or going to my blog via links you provide. My readership and AdSence revenue is though the roof! 

So thank you!

Again if you came here because you saw me say things that were racist or pro-scientology; it's not me. 

Anyways I have been outwitting this "Tom" guy who a while now (though it's not hard to do.) For example; I have installed a traffic analyser to this site and dropped bait for Tom to come here and post, and he took it hook, line and sinker! This is also the same IP that comes up every time I get a threatening Anonymous comment. So if you get a threatening Anonymous, it's probably this guy!

I did a trace route that leaded me to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Which is weird considering Tom Newton lived in the state of Washington.

Of all the people on the internet, I got a nice e-mail from none other than Jonathan Barbera a few days later dropping me some information. Telling me that the "Tom Newton" we all know and hate is gone forever. Alan Conner, his real name is innocent and has nothing to do with the Tom Newton of Anonymous is a Hate Group Blog. The guy who runs the site and uses the handle Tom Newton (and now revjimjesus and is none other than Jacob K. Reist aka Jake Vigil aka JKR!

When I read this I was like "Pfft, yea right!" Jonathan Barbera isn't exactly the bastion of reliable information. I thought I'd humor him and look him up anyways and found this ED page.

Humm a troll trolling Anonymous Scientology protesters in Albuquerque, NM? Really now, that are the odds? Apparently he tried to troll Anonymous and they got the best of him and he went away. ...Or did he? Perhaps his hate blog is just an attempt at revenge under another nick people already hate so he could get away from all the drama of getting fucked with in real life and pass the blame on to a now retired troll.

This is the REAL Tom Newton's profile. He hasn't made a post since September of '08. His last post says:

"Note that there has been someone on that anonymous-hate-group-blogspot (you know what I mean) who has been posting under the name Tom Newton for a long time, and Jonathon tells me he is still active. That isn't me and this should be obvious from what he has to say. " - Tom Newton

Though it pains me to admit it, I think Jonathan was right! Thought I would like to investigate it further. If anyone knows anything drop me a line at

EDIT: Here's more information I gathered from his visits. 

He's a 
Windows user
screen resolution 1024x768x32 (really tom? Is your computer from 1998?)
he is using Comcast Cable Internet
and he never lands on the main page always get's revered to the post page itself 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Am Not Spamming ARS

I will say this again;

I only post as on ARS

not even on my

Check before you complain to me who is really sending all that stuff; it ain't me. I don't post much on ARS anyways. The only reason I have been back is just to make clear I have an impostor. People got the hint so that dipshit got a new e-mail and is impersonating me clearing up him impersonating me. 

So yea; I'm done clearing up anything. If you are stupid enough to believe that is me; get off the internet.

-------------------- EDIT -------------------------
From now on i'm using my e-mail as it's impossible for trolls to even obtain an account. I'm not even going to post on ars about it; I'm sure everyone is watching this blog right now anyways. 

 ------------------------- ALSO -------------------------

If "my" post isn't in here or here I didn't post it.