Monday, September 27, 2010

Tom Newton Still is Butt-Hurt

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Jacob Vigil, a.k.a. Tom Newton, is back jocking my dick. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Considering I have been intentionality been avoiding Scientology stuff recently as my main focus is getting out of Kansas and back into school full time. However it doesn't stop him from being a total cockwad and post obviously bullshit blog posts about me here and here on his retarded new blog (because his old blog was taken down by Google for violating TOS)

It doesn't take a theoretical physicist to see that I don't smoke cat shit or crack cocaine, as the blog describes, and such information was pulled directly out of his ass. Ironically that's where most of Hubbard got his discoveries.

A lawyer I know has informed me I am able to file a federal lawsuit against him as John Doe and subpoena his personal information from Google as I have a coarse of action against him. However I have decided against it due to the fact he's not worth my time or effort. However if you are so inclined to take action against him I can refer you the same advice he gave me.