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Second Life Creationist Banns Me For Asking Questions.

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I went to this "Christian" place in Second Life because I was bored. I pretty much gave up Second Life, but desperate boredom leads to nasty things I know. So here's the un edited chat log. Note when I got there someone was getting banned by this guy.

[4:34] Charity Stohr: so what just happend
[4:34] Charity Stohr: im confused.
[4:34] Jadon Christensen: hrm?
[4:34] Jadon Christensen: 2 guys came in talking about promoting illegal drugs
[4:34] Jadon Christensen: and got banned
[4:34] Charity Stohr: O_O
[4:35] Charity Stohr: drugs?
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[4:35] Charity Stohr: but, arn't there places where drugs are legal?
[4:35] Jadon Christensen: I'm not gonna discuss it
[4:36] Charity Stohr: ok
[4:36] Charity Stohr: but still confused
[4:36] Christian Fellowship Greeter owned by Jadon Christensen gave you 'Creation Science, Evangelical Commons 1 (166, 171, 39)' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Evangelical%20Commons%201/219/115/23 ).
[4:36] You decline 'Creation Science, Evangelical Commons 1 (166, 171, 39)' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Evangelical%20Commons%201/219/115/23 ) from Christian Fellowship Greeter.
[4:36] Charity Stohr: so this board
[4:37] Charity Stohr: like i click something it gives me a land mark to learn about it
[4:37] Charity Stohr: ?
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[4:38] Jadon Christensen: which board
[4:38] Charity Stohr: this one
[4:38] Charity Stohr: because i clicked creationism and it gamme land mark to here
[4:38] Charity Stohr: i didn't know if that was an error or what
[4:38] Charity Stohr: because some of the other ones gimme URLs
[4:38] Christian Fellowship Greeter: Click this link and select Join to stay informed about bible studies and events at Christian Fellowship secondlife:///app/group/9bcc5888-f011-324d-900b-5e5cf872f8a9/about <>
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[4:39] Charity Stohr: are you busy?
[4:40] Jadon Christensen: I am working outside of SL, yes
[4:40] Charity Stohr: ohh
[4:40] Christian Fellowship Greeter owned by Jadon Christensen gave you 'Creation Science, Evangelical Commons 1 (166, 171, 39)' ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Evangelical%20Commons%201/219/115/23 ).
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[4:41] Charity Stohr: because i was gonna say
[4:41] Charity Stohr: there is an error is saw with the creationist thing
[4:41] Jadon Christensen: oh?
[4:41] Charity Stohr: yes
[4:41] Charity Stohr: if you have time
[4:41] Charity Stohr: i can show?
[4:41] Jadon Christensen: the creation link should be an LM
[4:41] Charity Stohr: riught
[4:41] Jadon Christensen: to the place next door
[4:41] Charity Stohr: i was just there
[4:42] Charity Stohr: and it put me in the water
[4:42] Jadon Christensen: ah, yes I am still updating that board
[4:42] Charity Stohr: also there's a problem with the mt saint hellins thing
[4:42] Jadon Christensen: actually will be replacing the whole thing
[4:42] Charity Stohr: ohh.
[4:43] Jadon Christensen: Mysphet Zilz runs the creation place, I can let him know, what seems to be the issue?
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[4:43] Charity Stohr: well he claims that Mt. Saint hellens is an example of how a canyon can be created instantly
[4:43] Charity Stohr: but Mt St hellens isn't a canyon, it's an active volcano
[4:44] Jadon Christensen: well, if you want to ask him about it, he heads up that area
[4:44] Charity Stohr: and grand canyon is not nor has ever been a volcano
[4:44] Jadon Christensen: as to what he is referring to
[4:45] Charity Stohr: the grand caynon is 277 miles long. There's no volcano that big.
[4:45] Charity Stohr: esp a volcano orface.
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[4:45] Myriam Brianna: sure there is ... the entire yellowstone area is one big volcano ^^
[4:45] Charity Stohr: right, but it's not an orface.
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[4:46] Charity Stohr: also, grand caynon isn't
[4:46] Myriam Brianna: yeah ... and the grand canyon doesn't even resemble what would result out of tectonic/vulcanic activity
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[4:46] Charity Stohr: right.
[4:46] Jadon Christensen: I think he is referring to the after affects, concerning a large event, I dont think he is saying that the mountain is a canyon but that the results after the erruption give the appearance of a canyon that took ages to create even though it happened in a short time
[4:46] Myriam Brianna: erosion, quite obvious
[4:46] Jadon Christensen: but again, you would have to ask Myst
[4:47] Jadon Christensen: its like looking at a valley and saying that a valley was carved out by a small creek running through it for many years Vs a glacier that carved it which is not longer there
[4:47] Jadon Christensen: no longer*
[4:48] Charity Stohr: well there's no doubt that mt saint hellens is an example where a hole that layers visible was created quickly, but you can't say that all the evidence we do have about the Grand Caynon is now in question. Because it doesn't have the same traist of mt saint hellens
[4:49] Charity Stohr: also colorado river is not "a small creek"
[4:49] Charity Stohr: and you forgot wind erosion
[4:49] Jadon Christensen: you'd have a great conversation with Mysphet, I think he works for one of the research organizations
[4:49] Charity Stohr: he's a scientist?
[4:49] Jadon Christensen: I dont know, you'd have to ask him
[4:50] Charity Stohr: i would.
[4:51] Jadon Christensen: shoot him an offline IM with questions or send him a notecard if you are interested in what he is attempting to present
[4:51] Charity Stohr: i would like to know how the grand canyon, which is made out of granite and shale and other really hard minerals, was forms in a short amount of time, rather than erosion.
[4:52] Jadon Christensen: that would be an excellent question for him
[4:52] Charity Stohr: are you guys creationists?
[4:53] Jadon Christensen: I am yes and I have seen the information, the evidence supports a young earth, but I dont have time to go into all of the information... if you are truely interesting in understanding the other side... examine what they are saying and the evidence presented
[4:54] Jadon Christensen: in an unbiased manner
[4:54] Charity Stohr: i have
[4:54] Charity Stohr: and there's an overwhelming evedence in conversgance over all fields of science that support evolution,
[4:55] Charity Stohr: i haven't seen evedence that supports creationsim.
[4:55] Charity Stohr: any time i ask i getpeople trying to poke holes in evolution. but thats a false dichotomy.
[4:56] Charity Stohr: i even went to Dwayne Gish's Creation Science museum
[4:56] Myriam Brianna: well, there isn't really another side. The discussions started by creationists and proponents of ID are often null-discussion, without any relevance to actual scientific research and methods :x
[4:56] Charity Stohr: out in Northern San Diego county.
[4:56] Jadon Christensen: lol, more holes than swiss cheese in evolution, it can hardly be called science... even true scientists who are not Christians understand there has to be a creator, but if you just wish to debate it -you wont get that from me... evolutionists tend to be very closed minded and have "faith" in their holes
[4:57] Charity Stohr: well Evolution doesn't address God or "creator"
[4:57] Jadon Christensen: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=creation+research&aq=f&oq=&aqi=g10
[4:57] Charity Stohr: theres lots of creationists who believe in evolution
[4:57] Charity Stohr: in fact the yrepresent the majority of christions
[4:57] Myriam Brianna: Evolution and the activity of a god would be wholly communserable ... granted, the Genesis cannot be read literally
[4:57] Jadon Christensen: there ya go, have fun with the google, I need to get back to work... we get dozens of people who come here in a day to "prove their points" and I dont have time for this
[4:58] Charity Stohr: i don't understand why you are getting defensive
[4:58] Charity Stohr: im not questioning your religion; this is science.
[4:59] Charity Stohr: it really sounds like you are getting upset.
[4:59] Jadon Christensen: more annoyed really, first you wanted to debate drug use and you now want to promote evolution
[4:59] Jadon Christensen: which will most likely get you banned
[5:00] Charity Stohr: i never said i wanted to debate drug use.
[5:00] Jadon Christensen: actually you did with the "arent drugs legal" comment
[5:00] Charity Stohr: i just asked why you banned someone for talking about it because it was illegal. You told me to drop it so i did
[5:00] Charity Stohr: a comment isn't debate.
[5:00] Charity Stohr: also why would you ban me for talking about evolution?
[5:01] Jadon Christensen: it will lead to your promotion that you believe that God does exist yes?
[5:01] Jadon Christensen: doesnt*
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[5:01] Charity Stohr: Tell me where in evolutionary theroy does it say "There is no god"
[5:01] Myriam Brianna: why should it?
[5:02] Charity Stohr: it's a non-sequitur
[5:02] Charity Stohr: God is a powerful beeing, why couldn't he use evolution to perfect his creation?
[5:03] Myriam Brianna: well ... there you go. As an omnipotent being there's no reason to use means for reaching an end
[5:03] Charity Stohr: that wouldn't make him any less powerful
[5:03] Charity Stohr: wrong
[5:03] Charity Stohr: God could use evolution.
[5:03] Charity Stohr: why not?
[5:03] Jadon Christensen: you truely havent researched both sides... but I have given you the resources you can to check into it
[5:03] Charity Stohr: there's nothing in scientific literature that disproves or attempts to disprove the idea of a creator or a god.
[5:04] Jadon Christensen: first thing you might want to research is adaptation Vs evolution
[5:04] Charity Stohr: =/
[5:04] Jadon Christensen: I am going back to work
[5:04] Charity Stohr: you are just topic jumping now, won't answer my quesiton
[5:04] Jadon Christensen: because you are closed minded
[5:05] Charity Stohr: i am?
[5:05] Jadon Christensen: you have faith in evolution
[5:05] Charity Stohr: then why am I asking?
[5:05] Jadon Christensen: not God
[5:05] Charity Stohr: faith?
[5:05] Charity Stohr: no
[5:05] Charity Stohr: false dichotomy
[5:05] Charity Stohr: most chistians are evolutionists.
[5:05] Jadon Christensen: lol
[5:05] Charity Stohr: lol all you want.
[5:06] Jadon Christensen: you are not going to promote your scientology doctrine here
[5:06] Charity Stohr: christianity is huge all over the world, creationism isn't
[5:06] Myriam Brianna: lol
[5:06] Charity Stohr: im not a scientologist
[5:06] Myriam Brianna: I guess he means scienticism, - but scientologist sounds cooler and more evil, doesn't it?
[5:07] Charity Stohr: now you are resorting to ad-hom attacks. I'm a scientologists, ergo I'm wrong about everthing. Right?
[5:07] Jadon Christensen: na, I was checking her groups
[5:07] Charity Stohr: then you would of seen "Scientology Kills"
[5:07] Jadon Christensen: what exactly is your point of being here?
[5:08] Myriam Brianna: he-he, nice set of groups
[5:08] Charity Stohr: wait huh?
[5:08] Charity Stohr: is this a scientology place?
[5:08] Jadon Christensen: not at all
[5:08] Charity Stohr: what does scientology have to do with anything
[5:08] Charity Stohr: thats a dangerious cult
[5:08] Charity Stohr: i'm talking about christianity and evolution.
[5:09] Jadon Christensen: evolution is a dangerous cult, imo
[5:09] Charity Stohr: how can you define evolution as a cult?
[5:09] Charity Stohr: how does it fit with Lifton's 8 or Steven Hassan's BITE model?
[5:10] Charity Stohr: a cult is a totalist group with a pyrymid structure. Evolution is an idea
[5:10] Charity Stohr: thats is supported by evidence.
[5:10] Jadon Christensen: its takes a lot of faith to believe in evolution with all the holes, real unbiased scientists understand that
[5:10] Charity Stohr: what holes?
[5:10] Jadon Christensen: lol
[5:10] Jadon Christensen: google it
[5:10] Charity Stohr: and all scientists support evolution :V
[5:10] Jadon Christensen: another incorrect statement
[5:10] Charity Stohr: why should I google it, you seem to be very sure you know.
[5:10] Jadon Christensen: use google
[5:11] Charity Stohr: it makes me question how much you actualy know, if you are just basicly repreating what you were told.
[5:11] Jadon Christensen: because you are making erronous statements for the sake of debate and have abondoned logic when you say "all scientists", that is not a factual statement
[5:12] Charity Stohr: 99.99% is p. much all
[5:12] Jadon Christensen: erroneous*
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[5:12] Myriam Brianna: that's funny, you remind me of someone in a forum I frequent. When asked about his beliefs he would always point to some website or another, and when he was asked something about rather 'weird' contents on the site in question he denied any affiliation. Nice move, makes you immune to criticism
[5:12] Charity Stohr: like saying all men have prostate glands... sure theres a insignificant minority who don't but thats just spitting hairs.
[5:12] Jadon Christensen: you pull that statistic out of nowhere and have no fact to back it up
[5:13] Charity Stohr: where are all the sciuentists who back creationism?
[5:13] Jadon Christensen: ok I will tell you what, I am gonna make this real easy on both of you
[5:13] Charity Stohr: real creationists who have their work published
[5:13] Charity Stohr: you gonna ban me?
[5:13] hippoSECURE v1.1.5 JADON whispers: Type name(s) to add to black list ...
[5:13] Jadon Christensen: Charity Stohr
[5:13] hippoSECURE v1.1.5 JADON whispers: Charity Stohr: added to black list
[5:13] Charity Stohr: is that how debates work?

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